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Arizona's Gold Rush- legends of buried mines and treasures of the Santa Catalinas

Iron Door Mine Cody Stone

Arizona had its own gold rush starting in the 1880s. It still hasn't ended.

The Santa Catalina Mountains and the Cañada del Oro- Canyon of Gold has drawn thousands in search of the precious yellow mineral.

The secrets of the lost mines and buried treasures of gold and silver hidden in the mountains still stir the imagination.The Lost Dutchman Mine and the Iron Door Mine is one of the most famous lost treasure legends in Aizona.

The story of the Iron Door mine begins somewhere near Tucson, Arizona in the Santa Catalina Mountains, according to tradition a few centuries ago.

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There is - or was - a great mine that contained gold mined from the inner basin of the Cañada del Oro riverbed. The gold was mined by the natives. But, it wasn't their choice.

The legend has the Spanish missionaries, and military, controlling the mines for their own and using the natives as slaves. Time passes, the location of the mine disappears, then it is found, then disappears off and on for centuries.

Newspaper articles, family stories and some archeological evidence and historical documentation has uncovered some truth to this legend of the lost mine, the lost city and the search for gold in Arizona.

The Arizona Gold Rush 1880s

Lost civilizations of the mountains

The Legend of the Iron Door Mine

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