AZentertain: Arizona Gold Rush: Iron Door Mine: Flint Carter

Experience the Iron Door Mine Legend

Mission and Museum of the Old West

The history of the Iron Door Mine treasure, believed to be in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona is unique. The legend of gold buried near Tucson and lost for centuries still lures those in search of this hidden treasure.

This video follows prospector and Arizona historian Flint Carter through some of the last territory untouched by developers between The Biosphere and Saddlebrooke, north of Tucson.

This area, the site of an old Spanish mission or ranch, was also a stopping place for the Butterfield Stage Coach and rich gold mining spot along the Canyon del Oro- the Canyon of Gold.

Flint takes a tour of old buildings and the property long known for its pioneer history and legend.

The program displays Carter's attempts to save and preserve the rich history of the area. This sight is in the process of foreclosure due to lack of support from historical and local funding, and the rise in land prices in that area.

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