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What to do with those Scottsdale guests?

By Jeff Reed

Have you ever noticed that the relatives, college buddies and friends you have made over the years, only show up at your home in the winter? 

Where are they in August?  My guess is they are staying someplace a little cooler. 

When my relatives show up, and they always do this time of year, they seem to think that if they are on vacation, then I must be on vacation also! 

It also amazes me every year when my guests are more curious about the housing market in the valley, than they are a great Mexican Restaurant, or museum. 

It really isn’t my idea of fun to get in the car and just drive around a community looking at homes for sale, and collecting those little brochures from the clear plastic tubes. 

Ironically however, after a couple of seasons of doing just this, every single relative that has visited us now lives here. 

According to my sample research project, visit your relatives in the Valley of the Sun three times, and you will make Phoenix your home.

There are plenty of destinations and directions to send your relatives off to every day, without having to take a week off work. 

Here is a schedule for them to consider. 

Monday – a trip down the Apache Trail.  Send them east, and tell them to follow the signs to Apache Junction.  Once in A.J., they can decide if they want to browse the little stores on Main Street or continue on to Canyon Lake.  Before they leave in the morning, let them know that the restaurant at Tortilla Flat has one of the best hamburgers in our great state, maybe the southwest!  That should keep them rolling. 

Tuesday – time to head south into Tucson.  Here is a day that won’t need much explaining, except remind them spend a little time in downtown Tucson, exploring the barrio and “the old Pueblo”.  If they don’t mind a mountain road, send them west on Congress.  This will take them to the top of A Mountain.  From here, they will have a wonderful overview of the area. 

If it is Wednesday it must be the west valley.  Send them out Northern Avenue to the White Tank Mountain Range for a little sightseeing, and on the way home, they can stop at the World Wildlife Zoo. 

They don’t have to leave town on Thursday or Friday, because there is plenty to do at the Tempe Town Lake and downtown Scottsdale.  There you have it, my recipe for keeping the relatives happy and at bay, while you continue employment and offer the hospitality that you and your wife are famous for.

One final thought, when the relatives finally leave, start making your plans to visit them in August, because revenge is sweet.

Jeff Reed is a retired Gerontologist, who has owned a private travel club for senior citizens in Arizona since 1984.  He has traveled more than 900,000 miles on escorted tours just in the State of Arizona.  You can reach him at [email protected] or leave him a voice message at 480-497-2478. His web site is

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