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Cody Stone- Jewelry Grade Gold and Silver Ore in Quartz Stones from Arizona Mtns.

By William "Flint" Carter

Cody Stone: Jewelry Grade Silver and Gold

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"I have seen the elephant!"

That was the cry of those lucky enough to have found gold!

This adventure of a lifetime can be shared today in the "New Gold Rush" - jewelry grade "all natural" gold and silver in quartz.

This particular gold and silver is the one of the West's biggest gold treasure story. The legend has been fueled by four major motion pictures over six decades, and in books, newspaper articles, and word of mouth for more than a century

The list of participants in this legend is a Who's Who's of the Wild West: Geronimo, Buffalo Bill Cody to today's Rothchild's- all players in this romantic quest for nature's wealth.

Jewelry Grade Silver and Gold in Quartz

This jewelry grade of gold and silver in quartz was first popularized by Tiffany in the 1800's. This little-known, extremely valuable, commodity of precious noble metals in the natural state could be the Gold Rush of the New Millennium!

The most popular is the beautiful yellow metal matrix in hard white quartz. Similar to diamonds, Cody Stone is a hard quartz that provides a strong and timeless durability, protecting the soft, precious, noble metals designed by William "Flint" Carter.

The Most Expensive Gold in the World

Oracle, Arizona and the Arizona Gold Rush

Old West's Largest Gold Legend

Cody Stone, codystoine rock from Tucson

Now Available on Amazon: Flint Carter's  The Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure: The Santa Catalina Mountains StoryFlint Carter Santa Catalina Mountains Available in on and during the upcoming Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle (see below).

Flint Carter also mines rare jewelry-grade gold and silver in quartz minerals exclusively from the Catalina Mountains called "Cody Stone," named after the famous world-wide entertainer "Buffalo Bill" Cody who owned a gold mine in the Santa Catalinas called Campo Bonito.

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Cody Stone display

Codystone exhibit on display at the Scouts Rest Ranch, North Platte, Nebraska.

These pieces of ore are from the original Cody-Dyer Mining and Milling Company Mine near Oracle, Arizona. Cody's mining endeavor began in the 1900s and is continued today by W. T. Flint Carter.

The bolo tie is made from CodyStone, named after Buffalo Bill Cody, in his honor, and is made from jewelry grade silver and gold in quartz stone.

The gold rush of "Buffalo Bill" Cody

William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, the famous Old West entertainer during the late 1800s and early 1900s, was interested in the gold and other precious metals found in the Santa Catalina mountains.

In 1902, Colonel D. B. Dyer, a former Indian agent, interested Cody in a mine prospect containing tungsten, gold and lead. The Cody-Dyer Mine was formed and operated in Campo Bonito. Cody wrote on March 13, 1903 that the long-sought vein of ore had been struck after seven months of night and day drilling. The mine is in the region of the fabled Mine with the Iron Door, which inspired a novel by Harold Bell Wright.

Cody Stone was named in honor of Buffalo Bill Cody. The stone is mined from the Cody Tunnel near Oracle, in Southern Arizona's Santa Catalina MountIain Range. It is one of the very few sources of jewelry-grade Cody Stone gold and silver in quartz.

These stones are extremely exotic and just as extremely expensive, Cody Stone specimens fetch roughly $4,000 an ounce for gold and $800 an ounce for silver. As grinding and smelting of gold increases, its value is also enhanced. The stone is showcased in six museums nationwide and the Mining Hall of Fame.

Only 500 pieces of this type of jewelry have been produced and 350 have been placed. A Certificate of Authenticity for Cody Stone provided with each piece and kept in permanent company records.

These pieces of jewelry were mined, designed and fabricated by Flint Carter, an emerging artist who is one of the few who actually creates jewelry from the ground up! Carter mined the stones from the grounds of the old Cody-Dyer mine. Each piece is available for purchase and includes a few articles on the legend of the stone.

Try finding silver and gold in quartz elsewhere and you might not see the elephant. It's that rare!

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True gold and silver in quartz jewelry exclusively mined, designed by Flint Carter. Available for sale, call 1-520-289-4566

Cody Stone Iron Door MineCODY STONE BRACELET

Gold and Silver in Quartz with orange, pink and white matrix. Stone: 1 1/2" height, 1" width at widest edge.

Cody Stone Iron Door MineCODY STONE RING

Gold and Silver in Quartz ring size 11. 3/4" width, 1 1/8" height.

Cody Stone Iron Door MineCODY STONE PENDENT

Silver in Quartz, huge pendent and chain. 1 3/4" width at edges, 1 1/2"

CodyStone For Sale

Gold & Silver from the Catalina Mts. $20-$25,000

CODY STONE Sunrise Set, two pieces, $10,000 each, 14k, Michael Garcia & Flint Carter artist ORIGINAL. Can be seen at The Oracle Inn Steakhouse, Oracle, AZ. Only five Michael Garcia pieces remaining.

OTHER CODY STONE JEWELRY AVAILABLE! Prices range from $20 to $25,000. Call Flint Carter at 520-289-4566 for more information. Mention the Iron Door web site.

See more Southwestern US Jewelry designed by Flint Carter.

Cody StoneHistorian and prospector Flint Carter

William "Flint" Carter is a Southwest US artist, jewelry designer and author born in 1947 in Danville, Illinois. Flint has mining claims throughout the Santa Catalina mountains and has mined gold, silver in quartz and CodyStones from the mountains. He has raw and polished samples available for sale.

Contact Flint Carter at 520-289-4566. Read more about Flint Carter, his jewelry, art and stories of the Old West and Iron Door Mine.

Own a piece of Mt. Lemmon

Extremely rare serpentine with white quartz, gold, silver and copper ores from mines miles within Tucson's Mt. Lemmon and Santa Catalina mountains. Unique, one-of-a-kind specimens, southwestern artwork and fashioned jewelry by local artist Flint Carter.

CodyStone cabs available polished and unpolished. These samples show the detail of gold and silver embedded in the stone.

Cody Stone: Gold and silver in quartz

Cody Stone: Gold and silver in quartz

"Search for the Iron Door" CD

Listen to seven songs and ballads on CD about the Iron Door Mine, the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Old West and Flint Carter. $9.95. Call 520-289-4566 for more information and to purchase directly. Mention the Iron Door web site.

Mine with the Iron Door Media

These products, available on Amazon, provide some of the classic media about the Iron Door Mine and the legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Legends of the Santa Catalinas, Iron Door MinePrinted Edition of the book Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains: Unraveling the Legends and History of the Santa Catalina Mountains, by Robert E. Zucker with collaboration from William "Flint" Carter.

Kindle edition of "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains: Unraveling the Legends and HistoryIron Door Mine," by Robert E. Zucker with collaboration from William "Flint" Carter.

Printed Edition of The Mine with the Iron Door, A Romance, by Harold Bell Wright, 1923. Wright made the name Iron Door famous in his popular novel about the Santa Catalina Mountains. Wright wrote this book while he lived in the midst of the Catalina's.

Movie Poster from the 1936 film The Mine with the Iron Door - Movie Poster - 11 x 17Iron Door Mine Poster for the Mine with the Iron Door movie. Stars Richard Arlen, Cecilia Parker and Henry B. Walthall. Poster measures approx. 11 x 17. Rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube. This poster is from The Mine with the Iron Door (1936).

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