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Arizona's Gold Rush- explore the legends and mines

The Santa Catalina mountains has been experiencing a gold rush for hundreds of years.

Just below Mt. Lemmon lies one of the great stories of the search for gold in the mountains- the lost city and the lost Iron Door mine.

Explore the historical records that account for that thousands of pounds of gold and gold in quartz that has been extracted from the Catalina mountains. Read about Arizona's Gold Rush.

Legend of the Iron Door Mine Learn about the secrets of the lost mines in the Tucson Santa Catalina mountains.

Major Tucson Events
Feb: Tucson Rodeo Parade
Watch a video of the Rodeo
February-Marc: AZ Renaissance Festival
February: Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

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Mt. Lemmon and Summerhaven

Tucson Rodeo and Parade

Welcome to Tucson!

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
P.O. Box 91317
Tucson, Arizona 85752


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