AZentertain: Arizona Gold Rush: Iron Door Mine: Flint Carter: Jewelry Grade Gold and silver ore in quartz

The Most Expensive Gold in the World

By William "Flint" Carter

Jewelry grade gold and silver ore in quartz attractively visible to the naked eye is every day becoming more valuable due to the modem mass mining techniques. First made popular in the mid 1850s with the California Gold Rush, Tiffany's produced a few rare and extremely valuable pieces. The wearing of a rich natural gold in quartz was a sort of a "Badge of Courage," showing the wealth of the mine owner.

As would be expected, not many were discovered and 1110st pieces were destroyed to extract tbe precious noble metals.

Now only one major source is available in tile U.S. and is sold through The Alaska Mint Fetching upward of 100 times the price of pure gold and silver, this exotic and extremely rare commodity is littie known and beyond the average consumer.

However, with mass mining and most major deposits depleted, the owner has an extremely rare natural specimen that probably will have no competition in the future and has held high human esteem for millennia.

Cody Stone

In museums worldwide and The Mining Hall of Fame, this particular deposit was at one time owned by Buffalo Bill Cody and named in his honor.

The modern world is now aware of tile history of the deposit long labeled as fiction, the facts can not be discredited.

One of the first western films in Arizona in 1924, At the Deposit, was redone in 1936 as The Mine With the Iron Door. In 1955, it was redone yet again as The Secret Treasure Mountain, and again in 1968 as McKellna 's Gold.

The facts are that the deposit was mined for over 124 years. Ownership included Hartman and the Rothschilds and was the largest "underground" gold producing mine in tile United States until 2003.

Celebrity Stones is the only accredited source by the Cody Family Association. Only a few hundred pounds have been recovered.

Cody Stone is now the official jewelry of the great American Wild West Show, soon to open at a pennanent location in Branson, Missouri on July 4th.

The Adventure

This particular subject is milennia, old and especially pertinent to economic conditions. Gold, silver, lost treasure, Geronimo, Buffalo Bill, as well as over a century of literature, four nmjor motion pictures, and more, awaits the avid enthusiast of gold and its allure.

For almost four decades, I and my friends and associates have lived our pan of the legend, and loved it. If we had been in it for the money, we would have quit long ago. We received more than money can buy. We welcome all to the Canyon of Gold and its legends and its future.

Even if we had funds and more researchers, we need more resources. We need specialized personnel with historic backgrounds. We need researchers to help with our library. We hope to open a musem and study center to produce a fifth motion picture. This would be a combination of the previous four films and our discoveries. One of the treasures is still in the courts valued at six billion dollars.