Entertainment Magazine /AZentertain presents

the Grand Tour:

Backpack the Canyon

with Joe Hudson

Please allow us, the Grand Canyon Junkies, to show you around
the greatest backpacking place on the planet.

Beware: It's a mile deep, so the going isn't always easy. Even so, once you enter,
you could become hooked on the place for life. Kind of like us.

To get to know the Grand Canyon, it's best to immerse yourself in it. Hike to the bottom; spend a week or so there; get the canyon's red dirt under your fingernails, in your eyes, on your teeth and in your veins. Lie at night beside 2-billion-year-old rock as you gaze into the eternity of the heavens. Backpacking in the canyon is a journey of body and mind, so if you're lucky you'll come out both a little more lean and a little more wise.

The canyon beckons.

Are you ready to get down?


This page is the project of Joe Hudson, an editor at the Denver Post who has just one other obsession besides the canyon. Long may they reign!

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Grand Canyon River Guide

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Trails Illustrated Map 207: Grand Canyon Natl Park

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Grand Canyon Trail Map

Grand Canyon